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As a fellow Tom Waits fan, I'd like to hitch a ride in that Tardis with you! :)

We'd have a blast, wouldn't we?! I know it's not a major world event or anything, but I get such a keen sense of nostalgia every time I listen to that album. Maybe I was there in a previous life... ;)

Go on, rub it in that (unlike me) you hadn't been born yet in 1975! ;)

I'm no Tom Waits expert, but I like the man, his voice, strange lyrics. Did you know that he've never allowed the use of any of his songs in advertisements? And when some companies used them without permission or used sound-alikes, he sued them and won?

I'm intrigued by your borrowing traits for your characters from real life people. It's something I've not done - at least knowingly.
Must give it go on my next story :)

I'd never borrow someone's exact personality (not that I think that would even be possible), but if someone I know has interesting quirks I do like to recycle them in some way. I just have to hope they'd be flattered, but I'd never tell them that's what I'd done! :)

The Princess Bride - my favourite bit is the sword fight. I'm not sure whether that my inner-ex-fencer or my inner-slasher coming out there.

Lovely interview with some unusual and interesting questions and fun answers. thanks ladies :D

Hi Elin - sorry I've only just caught up with this!

I adore the sword fight too - Inigo is by far and away my favourite character in the film :Df

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!

Thanks! Truth is I'm a slacker, I need to get into gear again.

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