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Sadly, I'm Not A Witch
lou harper

I touched one of these balls but nothing happened. Although, now looking them up, maybe I should've bought one. They're supposed to trap negative spirits, and they're certainly pretty. I came across them at the Renaissance Pleasure Fair last weekend.

I'm in the process of writing a few short stories where one of the protagonists is a part-time witch. His romantic foil is a reluctant necromancer, so spirits feature heavily. I wonder if I could've claimed a witch ball as a tax deduction.

I'd never been to a Renaissance Fair before, so I didn't know what to expect. It was very busy, and heavily geared toward selling stuff, but also fun. The goods offered ran a wide gamut, ranging from period clothing to pottery. I was seriously tempted to buy a small leather purse in the shape of a frog. It looked so real, but the price was too high for me.

Some of the wares weren't exactly period accurate. The pirate paraphernalia sort of fit, but I also saw lots of steampunk style clothing and accessories. The stall above sold fur-lined leather cuffs and whips too. Kinky.

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LOL. Yeah, you should definitely take some pictures.

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